It’s my 3 3/5 Birthday !!

Birthday 2017

Wowz.  It is hard to believe it is already my Birthday.  Seems last time I posted it was Christmas.  What happened to the rest of the year?

My mommy/editor keeps telling me that the older you get the faster the time goes by.  I guess she must be right (at least when it comes to this).

Sorry it’s been so long since I was on here but after daddy “left” (I don’t like to say the D word even tho mommy says it would be good if I did), I just hadn’t felt like saying much.  I think I am ready to get back on the blog horse because I know my millions of fans have really felt let down.

I couldn’t miss letting you all know about my Birthday.  It is always a GREAT day.  First I went shopping with mommy and stopped to get a special drink and a Birthday Cake Pop.

Birthday 2017 cakepop

Then we went for a ride and mommy let me drive!!!  OK she helped a bit with the pedals and steering, but I did all the other stuff.  I am really getting good at that driving thing.  I may have to “borrow” her keys one of these days and take it out by myself with my other friends.  Yeah…I think that would be a great idea.

Best of all, tonight the whole country has a fireworks display in my honor.  Mommy already has the TV set to the right station and we are going to sit and watch them.

Thanks to all my fans for being patient with me for not posting, but I think I am going to be doing it a lot more in the future.

Happy Birthday to me,  Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear James Bear, Happy Birthday to me.

addendum…poot, I forgot mommy was my editor and she just told me she read about my plans to borrow the car.  I think she hid the keys somewhere.  Oh well…I shall find them….snicker……


Present getting day!!


I have a new editor!!!  Since Daddy Bear has been so sick and it’s been hard for him to do too much, Mama Bear decided she would help me with my dragon speak translations.  Sometimes my fuzzy lips create very odd sentences…hence the need for an editor.  Daddy Bear may also be editing occasionally, but SOMEONE needed to animate me again and give me a purpose and reason to keep a going! I just hope she isn’t too expensive.

I LOVE Present Getting Day!  This year was very special.  Daddy Bear and Mama Bear both worked hard to make it extra special.  Look at all my treasure!  Not only did they give me a bunch of videos like Due South (the entire series), and the Sherlock episode with Benedict Cumberbatch  which was actually filmed as if it was in the old days, but Black Beard the pirate actually sent me presents!

I didn’t even know he knew about Black Bear (me of course) but he must have.  First I found a box that had a treasure map inside!  Coolest treasure map ever! That led me to another box that had a me sized pirate monoscope in it so I could survey the surroundings for treasure. That helped me find a box that had a bajillion (that is a lot by the way) silver keys in it.  Once I had that I used the treasure map again to find my TREASURE!!!  So there “Treasure Quest.”  Look at all those gold doubloons and pieces of eight. I am rich, RICH I tell you!

Daddy Bear helped me make a necklace of all the rest of the keys. I figure each of those keys must open a lock to a treasure, so I should have years of happy treasure hunting ahead of me. How long until the next Present Getting Day?


Slowing down…

ffbsleepySince Daddy Bear’s been spending so much time being sick lately, we haven’t gone to any movies, gone out to eat, gone shopping for new toys for me, or done anything that’s very much fun.  Everything seems to be all about him these days.  Adults can be so selfish!

Maybe Momma Bear will help me do stuff.  Surely she doesn’t have anything more important to do these days…