about the bear

Welcome to my online diary.  My name is James Bond Bear.  I’m a baby bear that was adopted by humans, and this diary is about my life with them.  In teddy bear years, I’m only a cub, but I watch a lot of TV, so I’m smarter than your average – nah, I won’t go there.

My parents named me after my favorite secret agent.  I want to be him when I grow up.  Or maybe Zorro.  That’s where my pen name comes from: Zorro Bear = Zorbear, get it?  ‘Writing’ the wrongs of society?  Too clever for you?  Well, I suppose I should admit that my daddy, a puppeteer and freedom writer, taught me everything I know. But he’s almost retired, so I guess it’s all up to me now…

I love money, honey, gadgets, and movies – in that order.  Why does money come first?  Because I’ve discovered that, with money, you can get the rest of that stuff.

WOWbearI can’t read, but that’s okay.  Thanks to fancy software, the computer reads and writes for me.  I also play games on it.  You should see my WOW character kick butt! Are computers great, or what?

Some people have asked how I stay so young.  Well, it’s like this: you know how they say that one ‘people’ year is equal to seven ‘dog’ years?  Well, with teddy bears, the reverse is true.  It’s good to be the bear!


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