Okay, right up front I’ll admit that this is not my kind of movie — too few running gun battles and too few explosions.  Plus I couldn’t follow the plot because I hadn’t read the book.

Daddy and Mommy had read the book, and they said that, except for the ending, the movie followed pretty close to Dan Brown’s idea of an intellectual, fast-paced, action story.  All I can say is, Ron Howard managed to create so much tension in the movie that I almost clawed off the armrests.  Every time I thought I’d figured out who were the good guys and who were the bad guys, the story changed — all the way to the end.

So, in short, if you liked the book, you’ll probably like the movie (except for the ending — I’m not saying anything more).  If you haven’t read the book, you will probably be lost most of the way through the movie.  At least, that’s what happened to me…

Thank goodness Halloween is over…

I never want to see another piece of candy as long as I live.  Which might not be long, at this point, since I’ve eaten a whole bowl full of candy and my tummy’s not very happy about it.   I mean, what’s there to live for if I’m giving up candy?

This year Teddy went as Farmer Brown and Bunny went as herself (no imagination).  Tiger went as the pink panther, as usual.  And me?  Well,  I can safely say that I surpassed myself in my costume choice this year.  I went as Dennis the Phantom Menace.


See my overalls and my light saber?  I thought that was pretty clever.   I wasn’t able to get a cow lick going, although I tried.  Well, I asked Tiger to lick my head but he refused.  Can’t say I blame him.  Although at this point I’d about as soon lick my head as eat another Twix.

Whatever you do, don’t even think of chocolate.  Or if you do, stand well back — no, even further.  Yeah, that should do it…

Call for Super Reacher!


If you’ve seen the first Jack Reacher movie, then you know everything you need to know about this movie.  If you haven’t seen the first one, then don’t worry.  This isn’t really a sequel and you’ll catch on quick.

When this film starts, JR is sitting at a diner counter.  Some cops pull up, survey a parking lot full of bodies and get pointed towards Reacher.  Yeah, that’s right, the opening of the above trailer is the opening of the movie. That facial bloodiness Tom Cruise displays at the beginning stays with him throughout the film.  Not just because the time span is too short for healing to take place — he also adds to his facial scars by getting beat on every five minutes.  (Kinda reminded me of Paul Newman’s black eye in “Harper“, or Jack Nicholson’s split nose in “Chinatown“.)

Anyway, the action never slows down, and as much as I dislike “Tom Cruise” the “personality”, I find that I often enjoy Cruise’s movies.  This film is no exception.  It follows the same basic plot-line as the first movie (good guy, under impossible odds, beats up the bad guys, and walks off into the sunset at the end), but at least it is a different story idea.  Of course, being a Cruise film, there’s never any ambiguity about who’re the good guys and who’re the bad guys.  The casting was solid, and you’ll want to clap and cheer when the bad guys get it in the end.  And, there goes Cruise, walking off into the sunset.

At first I kept thinking he was trying to be Kwai Chang Caine, wandering around the country on foot, living off the land, and fighting evil.  But then I remembered that Caine had a purpose (trying to find his American family).

In both of his movies, Reacher just seems to be wandering around looking for trouble.  But, after exhaustive mental gymnastics, I figured it out.  It’s obvious, really, when you think about it…



Not just another little kiddie story…


It took several minutes for this story to get moving, but once it did, you couldn’t look away.  Eva Green was especially good as Miss Peregrine.  (You may remember her as Vesper Lynd, James Bond’s girlfriend in “Casino Royale”.)  Just like with a hawk (you know from the trailers that she can turn herself into a peregrine falcon, hence her name), you were never quite sure where you stood with her — was she a friend, or just sizing you up to see where to attack you?  But never fear, she turned out to be all good — at least as far as the children were concerned.  Just a little bit over-protective, that’s all.

I did notice that there were some bits and pieces of the story that didn’t fit with the plot line, leaving me wondering what was left on the edit room floor.  But frankly, I didn’t really care.  I just enjoyed the action, of which there was plenty.

However, be advised: this is no Harry Potter fantasy.  You won’t come away wishing that you could go live with the peculiar children.  But you will probably come away rooting for the kiddies, just the same..