Well, that was strange…


Benedict Cumberbatch is one of those actors of whom I can’t get enough.  Also Chiwetel Ejiofor.  I’ve loved him ever since “Serenity” came out.

And then we get to see more of Rachel Anne McAdams (and who wouldn’t want to see more of HER?), as well as Tilda Swinton (what, you don’t remember the White Witch in the “Chronicles of Narnia”?) who can make shivers run up your spine and make your tongue hang out at the same time.  Oh, and Mads Mikkelsen is even a better villain than he was in “Quantum of Solace”.

In this movie, their superb acting ability was enhanced by a Matrix-like computer-graphic set-up that is incredible.  Or maybe unbelievable is more accurate.  In any case, I defy you to even attempt to figure out what was done in a blue-room, and what was done on location.  And before you smugly say “Obviously the scene on Mount Everest was faked,” you should know that they did go to the Himalayas to shoot some scenes.  (So there — smarty pants!)

I really, really, really loved this movie from start to finish.  It starts, right out of the box, with a battle between good and evil that will remind you of the Matrix (well, it did me).  Then it backtracks a little bit and shows you how an arrogant, smart aleck, asshole brain surgeon (Strange) becomes pretty much the only thing standing between good and evil for all life on this planet.

To break up the seriousness of the plot-line, there’s plenty of humor as well.  However, the best funny stuff comes from “the magical cape” that adopts Doctor Strange and watches his back. (If you ever watched the Disney cartoon series “Aladdin” you’ll know what I mean).  There was so much happening that I found myself trying to press the rewind button on my remote — only they don’t give you one of those at a movie theater.  So guess who’ll be going back to see it again?

It should come as no surprise that Doctor Strange wins over evil at the end — although how he wins may, indeed, surprise the heck out of you.  And, if you keep up with the Marvel Universe, you’ll know that this won’t be last we’ll see of Dormammu, the ultimate evil from another dimension.  Boy howdy, I can’t wait for the sequel!!!

For what I hope is the last time I’m going to remind you not to leave the theater until after ALL the credits are done.  Not most, all.  Because even after you’ve seen the little “surprise” at what seems to be the end of the credits, there are more credits to follow — as well as another surprise.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

P.S. You know, I’m re-thinking my wish to become the next Harry Potter.  I just might want to be Doctor Strange instead!


One thought on “Well, that was strange…

  1. Yowza, that was a mighty fine movie, wasn’t it my Baby Bear? I have got to get us one of the portal thingies. As Daddy Bear mentioned last night, it would make going up the stairs so much easier.
    We may have to go see it one more time big screen. Start working on Daddy Bear about that, but do not tell him I told you to do that!!!!
    Mama Bear

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