Bears in the news, too…


A Pennsylvania family got quite the surprise recently when they checked their back yard surveillance camera.  A black bear, apparently on a revenge mission against Goldilocks, had been swimming in their pool and they missed it completely.  Even though it’s a little late in the year for skinny dipping, the temperature of the pool must have been ‘just right’ because the bear kept coming back.  All told, it swam in the pool three different times.

Again, this ain’t me.  Of course you knew that already.  For one thing, I’m a brown bear.  For another, I’ve let slip in this blog before now that I’m fiercely allergic to large amounts of water.  Well, not the water per se, that’s just a fear.  But the soap that somebody might add to it — that I’m certain I’m allergic to like a slug to salt.  Okay, I haven’t actually had any tests or anything, but I have watched lots of movies, so I know better than to take any chances…




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