Today officially ends birthday month…


I just love the fireworks show everybody puts on just for me.  And while I got lots and lots of presents and cake and ice cream and stuff, I don’t see anything here from you.  Maybe it got lost in the mail?  Hmmmmm?

Anyway, here’s some of the stuff I did get.  [As always, if you click the little pic, it’ll get bigger so’s you can see it better.]





I got new lightsabers, and another, better Thor’s Hammer, and some clothes (well, they can’t all be winners), and some buttons, and a BatBear signal lamp, and tons more stuff I can’t remember right now.  The weirdest thing I got was something called a ViewMaster.  You can look at movies in a visual book format without knowing how to read!  Is that great, or what?

Oh, yeah — it’s good to be the bear…


One thought on “Today officially ends birthday month…

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